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Forums » Philippines » Renting a home for vacation in Cebu for two months?


Renting a home for vacation in Cebu for two months?

by /bio/solotraveler21 »

I can finally take a vacation from work, so I’m planning to go to Cebu, Philippines. I’ve been there before when I attended one of the international romance singles tours being held there, this will be my first time coming back. When I went there before it was only for a few days, but this time I want to stay for two months.


I’ll be going there in the summer since I read it’s the best time to visit. Since it’ll be a long time, I decided to rent out a house instead of staying in a hotel. It’s not that I’m being a cheapskate, it’s just that it’s a really big amount to spend. My worries though is that I might not get allowed to rent since I’m a foreign tourist.


This will going to be a solo vacation. I need advice regarding my accommodation. Can someone give me suggestions where to stay and what I’ll need? Any response will really be appreciated.