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Comments on our Itinerary

by ChinaDave2 »

My wife and I are going to Portugal for about three weeks in September.  We are both senior hikes and the other watches her.  We are experienced travellers.  Usually like to stay in a few places in a country and then travel out from there by car or train to surrounding areas.  Here is what we are thinking and would appreciate comments or changes to this itinerary.   Anything we miss will be appreciated too.

Fly to Lisbon from Seattle and pick up a car.  (any suggestions as to what rental company?)

5 days in Braga/Minho

5 days in Caimbra/Beiros

5 Days in Estra madura

4 days in Evo/Alentyo

Drop off car in Lisbon and stay 6 days in Lisbon and visit Sintra.

Return home.

We enjoy getting into the culture, local food (fish) besides cooking on our own too.  Wine, monastaries, scenery, beaches and markets.  Any suggestions will be appreciated. 

Thanks,  Dave and Nancy in Seattle






RE: Comments on our Itinerary

by happygramsof7 »

Am going to Lisbon with my daughter for a week, never have been, and would like suggestions as to where we shoud stay that would be safe and close to places of interest to see and close to transportation, train, etc.  Any suggestions, it will be mid-October?  What about must sees to visit???  thank you