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Forums » Portugal » Lisbon and surrounding in nine days


Lisbon and surrounding in nine days

by PHeymont »

For your Lisbon time, it truly makes sense to stay in Lisbon. The city has reasonably good public transit, and you won't need (or be able to do much with) a car. If you stay out of the city, you'll be spending time heading in and out every day.

Rail access to Sintra and other nearby places for a day trip is good.

I would avoid a day trip to Porto; by the time you've made your way there and back, there won't be much time left between. If you really want to do Porto (and I do love it) you really need to plan on an overnight, but that may be more time than you want to invest.

I'm not a beach person, so i can't offer much advice there; perhaps others will.

Do expect to spend a lot of time walking up and down hills. Do expect to find a lot of really good food at really cheap (if you're not on Portuguese wages) prices. Our watchword for Lisbon is "Cheap but steep!"

And despite what some people may tell you, Lisbon has plenty to take up your days; some people told us that it was a '3-day city' and boy, were they wrong!



RE: Lisbon and surrounding in nine days

by USSEnterprise »

Hi everyone,

We are new to this forum and need some help.

We are a family of four (my wife and our two children, ages 16 and 19) and we are travelling to Portugal in early August for nine days (eleven including travel days). We like all a southern European vacation has to offer, from food to museums and from beach time to walks through medieval villages.

We want to spend the nine full days in the Lisbon area so we do not have to spend time checking in and out of different hotels. We would like to spend time at beautiful beaches, see Lisbon, Sintra and visit Evora, among other sightseeing.

Should we stay in or outside Lisbon? If outside, which town should we stay in to make it easier to visit the places we want to see?

Another option we were thinking about was to spend a few days in Lisbon and the rest in another town outside the city. 

As well, any other day trips we should consider? Should we consider a day trip to Porto?

Thank you very much for any help you can offer.