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Forums » Portugal » Train from Porto to Coimbra


Train from Porto to Coimbra

by /bio/marti1751 »

We are taking the train from Porto to Lisbon, but plan on a 6 hr stop in Coimbra.  Which station should we go into and is there a locker where we can storage luggage.


RE: Train from Porto to Coimbra

by /bio/pheymont »

I'm hoping this isn't too late to be useful!


Coimbra B is the station where all the through trains, such as those between Lisbon and Porto stop.


Coimbra A is in the city center, but no mainline trains stop there. It's just about 5 minutes away from B on the local train (urbano) that runs between the two and to additional local areas. A ticket to Coimbra includes the urbano; you just need to change trains at B. On the way back, you can start from A and change to B.


I believe there aren't luggage lockers at either station, but some hotels and businesses near A offer service for a fee. Unfortunately, I can't locate the name I knew...