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Forums » Puerto Rico » Do I Need a Car in Puerto Rico?


Do I Need a Car in Puerto Rico?

by Justin »

It will be my first visit and I'm thinking of staying in San Juan. So I would assume I could simply walk and take public transportation. Though I've heard that the rain forest is interesting to visit. Is it worth renting a car just for that? Really, I'm mostly looking for relaxation. Thanks!


RE: Do I Need a Car in Puerto Rico?

by blindbutterfly »

if you staying in san juan i guess you dont need a car however you will limited to  what is in the area of your hotel....

there is a lot more to do in PR than just san juan even though Old Sanjuan is  very walkable......there are beutiful beaches all around the island and YES  EL Yunque ( rainforest) is worth the drive....


imho  i think you need a car.....



RE: Do I Need a Car in Puerto Rico?

by DiscoveringPuertoRico »

If you are traveling solo and plan on just say visiting El Yunque as your only stop outside of San Juan, then you can do an organized tour


to get the most out of PR even for just a single day trip it is probly better to rent a car because...

The drive to El Yunque is straightforward and less than 45 mins from San Juan. You can stay in El Yunque for as long as you want and do as many of the trails as you ant (with organised toiur you are limited to what that tourm offers).

After El Yunque you could spend the afternoon at Luqillo Beach which is really nice and check out the food kisoks near the beach - very popular spot

If you had the car for more time, you could check out Guavate (south of San Juan) for the local roast pork (Lechon)

So really depends on what you want to see outside of San Juan