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Forums » Puerto Rico » seeking advice on first time to puerto rico


seeking advice on first time to puerto rico

by /bio/drocks523 ยป

Booked 4 nights in middle september at the el san juan hotel in isle verde. Looking forward to relaxing on the beach/pool, and maybe check out old san juan. Speaking of old san juan when is the best time to go? Ive heard the restaurants in the hotels in my area are expensive, can anyone recommend places to eat at or stay away from. We both enjoy food and a good bar but would like to keep it reasonable. We're not shy on walking around as long as its safe. we enjoy staying active so a rainforrest trip would be very welcomed but im not sure if we have enough time being I've heard it is a whole day thing. we would like to spend some quality time in the sand, pool but also make the best of the time we have without feeling rushed around. Also heard of a bacardi house- no clue. No real interest in water sports other than jet skis maybe. Ive also heard the coffee is a big deal. We're not renting a car. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you....