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by /bio/blindbutterfly »


I am planning a trip to Montreal next fall and I am wondering  what si the best  area to stay  ..

I'm spliting my time  betwenn vermont and montreal  so I will only be in montreal for 3 nights ..

and  a possible day trip to Quebec...( looking  for a day tour)

any suggestions  so I dont have to drive while I am in town...

I wan to see notre dame. old montreal  and other attraccions...





RE: Montreal

by /bio/pauline-frommer »

It's difficult to do a day trip to Quebec City from Montreal as the two are quite far apart. If you want to see it (and it's a very beautiful city, with a lot of history and great museums), plan at least an overnight in Quebec City. For places to stay: we have many recommendations on this website. Have a wonderful trip!