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Marrakech Grand Parade From Amsterdam To Marrakech

by /bio/marrakech-grand-parade »

The Marrakech Grand Parade 2015 takes entrants on a 4000km journey from Amsterdam to Marrakech.

Uniting likeminded individuals in a shared pursuit of adventure and unforgettable experiences, Over 7 action packed nights entrants will enjoy luxury accommodation, full throttle motorsport, fine dining and the hottest parties in an all-inclusive road trip with the worlds most exotic supercars.

Founded on the principle of uniting like minded individuals in a shared pursuit of adventure and unforgettable experiences.

Our goal is simple – for participants to arrive as individuals yet leave as family.

The 2015 Marrakech Grand Parade is an adventure Crossing Europe to advance MOROCCO, traveling 4000km from Amsterdam to Marrakech, with stopover destinations including Paris, Genève, Saint-Tropez, Barcelone and Marbella.

This year MOROCCO is honored More than 50 luxury cars parade throughout Europe and North Africa during 7 Days and Night.

This is not a rally but a lifestyle parade traveling all over Europe to discover Morocco and Moroccan folk entertainement in the presence of the population and local media in each stopover destinations.

The Moroccan flag will be displayed on every car’s roof and every sponsor’s and partner’s company will be able to use the exposure by putting their logos on cars.

The Marrakech Grand Parade is an opportunity for companies to create links, contacts with other SMEs and large companies in diverse and varied fields and different locations.

We offer the best accommodations and venues to our participants.

The route is confirmed and registration is open – we look forward to you joining us on this unforgettable adventure.

Welcome to Marrakech Grand parade The ultimate celebration of supercar lifestyle.