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Forums » Romania & Bulgaria » 8 to 9 day tour tips/suggestions


8 to 9 day tour tips/suggestions

by tpayne »

I will be going to Romania this May for 8 to 9 days.   I will be landing in Bucharest and then probably hop a train that day to Brasov. The Key places I want to see is Brasov, Sighisoara, and then go to Maramures (rent a car there and drive around). after I finish I will be going directly to Budapest.   I'm looking for any suggestions for other things/places I should consider. or maybe comments on these areas.In which order should I visit these places?   Thank you for any help!!

RE: 8 to 9 day tour tips/suggestions

by /bio/warlord »

  Bra?ov is a lot of fun.  It's also a great base to stay and then go see some of the other places around.  Pele? Castle is really cool to see and it's on the way to Bra?ov (though with luggage, you'd want to just stay in Bra?ov and take the train back to Sinaia which isn't that far.  There are multiple levels and I found it was worth it to get the total package for it as it weeds out a lot of the people by the time you get near the top.

  Hiking up Mt. Tâmpa in Bra?ov  was really cool as well.  Though depends on how physical you want to be, there is a gondola that does go up as well, but you can see some great views of the city and area up there as well as even stand right at the Bra?ov sign (much like the Hollywood sign).

 F?g?ra? is another fortress, though it took a bit to get to from Bra?ov.  It's fairly interesting, but if you are heading north to Hungary, you probably would skip it and go from Bra?ov to Sighisoara.  That's a fun little town, however you probably wouldn't want to spend more than a few hours from there.

Râ?nov Fortress is also kind of cool and is a quick bus ride from Bra?ov.  That is another kind of fun thing to do if you happen to stay in Bra?ov for a few days at least.  I'd avoid the Bran Castle, however further south from Râ?nov.  From what I heard it's over priced, cramped and way to packed and really has no link to anything much (even the Dracula legend was just loosly based on this castle from only a photograph of it).  So that's something you would probably want to skip out on.

  That's the suggestions of stuff I did when I was there last May.  Hope that helps...