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Forums » Romania & Bulgaria » How many days in Bucharest?


How many days in Bucharest?

by theophania »

I am passing through Romania en route between  Belgrade and Moldova and sadly only have a few days to spend there. Due to train schedules I am going to spend one night in Timisoara and then I figured three or four days in Bucharest before catching a bus or train to Chisinau. Is that too much time?


RE: How many days in Bucharest?

by warlord »

  Well Bucharest is a fun city, though 4 days without going on any excursions out of the city would be over doing it.  I stayed there on two occasions on one of my trips.  I felt even 3 nights was too much for me.  Then again it all depends on what you like doing.

  The trains to Moldova I think are still problematic due to Moldova still using the old Soviet based rail system where the track and wheels gauges are different to that of most of Europe.  This means being held up at the border for a long while as they get the trains configuered to work on the tracks in the next country (in this case Moldova).  Bus is probably your best bet. at least between the two countries.  Train travel through Romania though is not a problem and easy to navigate...


RE: How many days in Bucharest?

by swisomaia »


My name is Monica, i am from Moldova, Chisinau. I recomand to stay in bucarest during the weekend just for 3 days.

The night life is great, a lot of clubs and cheap beer. During the week i had rent a car form a Chevrolet Spark with 7 euros per day in order explor the city.

I love Bucharest ! 


RE: How many days in Bucharest?

by paraschivrazvan25 »

Bucharest is a beautiful city. I visited him, about this agency rent a car Bucuresti

I can say they have excellent rates and good quality cars.