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Activities to Explore Russia

by 3ackpacker »

Before going to Mother Russia, let’s check out some fun activities and places you can do during your stay.

St Petersburg Speedboat Adventure

Life is boring without a bit of a thrill. What could be more exciting than driving a speedboat through the Tampa Bay? Despite having an expert tour guide alongside, you are allowed to control and navigate your boat. The tour guide will be on another boat and instruct with you through a communication systems. This is an awesome way to sight-see the lovely Tampa Bay on the water.

Folklore Show ‘Feel Yourself Russian’ with Russian Buffet Dinner

Are you a great fan of Russian culture? Or at least curious? The folklore show in the Nikolaevsky Palace will give you a night to remember. The show has 2 parts and would last for 90 minutes. You will get to know the traditional dance and music. During break time, there will be a buffet of fruits, salami, caviar, different kinds of wine, juice and more for you to refresh yourself while listening to some other performances.

Aushiger Hot Spring

For relaxation, try the open-air swimming pool close to Nalchik. Its water came from a local hot spring. It is said that the water has medicinal values for your body as well. You can have lunch inside the complex and stay in one of the two small hotels when in need of a longer stay. The price at the hotel can be around R2000.

The Russian Tea Room Dining Experience

Strangely enough, one of Russia’s attractions is the Russian Tea Room which is a New York icon for dining. This has been a landmark ever since the 1920s, drawing actors, authors, politicians and business people from all over the world with its amazing service and tasty European cuisine. Representing fine dining, tradition, history and art, this is a place you cannot miss. Call and reserve a table to experience the unique New York City lunch or dinner now!

Moscow City Walking Tour

You can experience Moscow on this 2 hour tour with a small group of fellow tourists. You will get to see the magnificent famous area of the capital, like the Red Square, Nikolskaya Street and Alexandrovsky Garden. During your visit at Red Square, you will learn of the past Soviet protests and parades happened here. From your tour guy, you can learn more interesting knowledge regarding the city’s other historical, cultural, architectural and political aspects.

St. Petersburg Segway Tour

Have you ever ride a Segway before? You will have a chance to try this unique transportation when you visit St. Petersburg. It is a great way for you to sight-see the whole city. Ride along the Tampa Bay, go across the St. Petersburg Pier and the houses built in Victorian styles as you listen to stories from your guide, a tour has never been so fun. First time visitors would probably love this tour.