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Forums » Scandinavia » 5 hotels over 2.5 weeks in Finland and Sweden Dec 2017


5 hotels over 2.5 weeks in Finland and Sweden Dec 2017

by /bio/califcajin ยป


We are doing a Northern light bucket list and we have chosen 5 different locations in Sweden and Finland over 2.5 weeks in mid to late December.
We will be as far south as Lulea and just north of Kittila. Wondering if anyone has been in this area this time of year and may have any insights on weather, high and low temps, how much daylight, etc? Assume that we will just layer, with thermals, clothes, coats, gloves, hats, to stay warm.

We are doing the Treehouse hotel in one place and the Glass Igloo's in another so plan on spending alot of time outdoors.

Would love to hear experiences from travelers who have been- but specifically any in these areas and this time of year!