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Accommodations in Faroe Islands

by BeccJB ยป

I will be in the Faroes in late May/early June. My original plan was definitely to camp throughout my trip but the more research I do, the more I'm left wondering what would be the best strategy.

I have only camped in conditions I'm familiar with and with mostly predictable weather, but I'm not an inexperienced outdoorswoman and I'm up for some challenges. Camping would be my most economical option, freeing up some of my budget to rent a car for exploring when I'm not hiking. I do, however, have some oncerns about camping in the unpredictable weather conditions, mostly because what I'm finding online is that the "horror stories" far outweigh the encouraging stories.

I don't want to miss out on that experience if it is manageable, but I am now considering the alternative option of doing Air BnB or hostels, and using the busses to get around instead.

Does anyone have personal experience to persuade me either way?