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Forums » Scandinavia » Finally making the move from Berlin to Stockholm


Finally making the move from Berlin to Stockholm

by /bio/simon »

It's finally time to make a more permanent stay in Scandinavia. I've been thinking about this for a few years now after I visited Denmark during the summer. 

Since I nowadays work almost exclusively with cients online (doing photo editing work), I feel like this is the perfect time to try it out.

I'm gonna start off with at least 6 months in Stockholm starting on march 15. We'll see if I'll extend this or not, but my plan is to make the same type of stay in Oslo, and depending on how the situation looks after that, maybe even Copenhagen. 

I just got an Ok from a landlord renting a decent sized room (thanks to friends in Stockholm who could vouch for me) not too far away from central Stockholm (Sollentuna), so that's where I'll start. Hopefully it's gonna turn out alright. 

I'm gonna leave by train from Berlin in the evening of the 14h, and I'll arrive at lunch time on the 15th.

A question: Does anyone know of a cheap way to move some delicate equipment? I'm not gonna be bringing too much in terms of volume, but as photography is my passion, and I'm moving to places I've barely explored, I'll be bringing some stuff worth dealing with carefully. Not something I want to move around with on the subway too much unless I really really need to. 

I checked with a local Sollentuna moving company called Stadsbudet, but that wasn't the type of stuff they dealt with.

Maybe it's just cheapest to take a cab? I'll be having two big "explorer bags" + one heavy wooden box. Probably not something that will fit inside a normal cab, so it'd need to be a big one. 

Also, if anyone has any other tips and recommendations about the area I'll be living in, or anything else really, that'd be hugely appreciated!