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Finland, Norway, Sweden and Tallinn

by /bio/cloudnsea »

Hi! I am travelling with my mum in Sept and would like to get some advice from you guys. My plan is pretty ambitious now and I understand I need to cut down on some places.

I am a new driver in my home country so I don't think I am confident enough to drive and this makes it really difficult because I know that to see all the beautiful parts of Scandinavia, I will need to drive at some parts. 

Anyway! This is my plan so far and would appreciate if anyone can give some advice :) Thanks!!!

Plane: 10 Sept 2018 (fly in to Helsinki) to 26 Sept 2018 (fly from Helsinki).

Helsinki (immediately fly from Helsinki to Kilpisjärvi)

Kilpisjärvi (3 nights = 10 - 13 Sept) (may have some problems getting around but I wanna catch the ruska)

Tromso (3 nights = 13 - 16 Sept)

Sognefjord (3 nights = 16 - 19 sept) (I heard this fjord is a must-see)

Bergen (3 nights - 19 - 22 sept) (7 hr beautiful train ride from Bergen to Oslo)

Oslo (2 nights = 22 - 24 sept)

Stockholm (long ride)


Helsinki (3 nights)


Which is the area which I can improve on/cut down? Thanks!