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Forums » Scandinavia » Help Needed Planning trip to Coppenhagen and Stockholm


Help Needed Planning trip to Coppenhagen and Stockholm

by twint31 »

My husband (70) and I (65) are planning a 10-12 day visit to both these cities end of June /July of 2017.  We are from the USA and are trying to "shape" our trip. From info I've gathered so far, many like Coppenhagen, but urge more time allowed in visiting Stockholm.  I am an above knee amputee, get around quite well, but am definitely not a long distance walker everyday, so please take that into consideration when offering your wise advice.  These are some beginning questions:   1) Which city best/easier/less costly to fly into/out of?  We will do open jaw trip, flying into one-out the other.  Any airlines liked over others (like SAS) and why?   2) It sounds like it is best to be in the center of the city to see most attractions.   I realize that the temperatures are not hot, but an amputee functions best when dressing, etc in an AC environment so the prosthesis fits best for walking outside. An elevator is also a must in the hotel.  Steps are harder and there are plenty in visiting attractions.  I don't need more upon returning to rest.     We can afford nice hotels, but no need to "break the bank" as most of the time we hope to be out seeing the sights and food, and meeting new people.  So---thoughts on nice hotels?   3) What is the best way to get from one city to the other, and any side trips you think are a must out of either of these lovely places?   4) Are there any festivals or city happenings in those two months we would want to avoid as then the city can become jammed with visitors?   I appreciate any knowledge you can share in helping us get started in our planning.  

RE: Help Needed Planning trip to Coppenhagen and Stockholm

by mquartz »


How close are you to these airports where Norwegian takes off on nonstop flights to Stockholm for ridiculous fares? Las Vegas $129 each way, Oakland $169 each way, New York JFK $138 each way. See

Many more cheap options with Norwegian from other US airports via a layover in Oslo.

Then there is, one of two very cheap Icelandic airlines with layovers (usually less than two hours) in Reykijavik, the other being

I have flown Norwegian and Iceland Air and can recommend both. No muss no fuss, no pampering at these fares - you bring your own sandwich or order one in advance or buy one on board (reasonably priced and good). Luggage costs extra: The more and bigger bags you take, the more expensive it gets, but still... 

All three airlines let you book one-way tickets, so you make up your own “open-jaw” trip, even if it may involve two of these three airlines, or some others if they have cheap one-way fares.

What you save on those fares (as long as you can get to the departure cities on the cheap), the more you have to spend on taxis or Uber. Stockholm is built on a bunch of islands and getting around is not very straightforward - read up on it and consult maps.

Copenhagen is much easier.


A suggestion: Have you considered renting an apartment for a week? With all the comforts of home - kitchen, fridge, microwave, couches and TV and such? We have had good experiences all over the world, from Australia to Poland to Portugal and Sicily and in the US, with a fairly new company, now owned by Tripadvisor - go to and input your dates and Copenhagen and Stockholm. 

When you search for a property, go to Google maps and switch to street view and “walk” around the neighborhood, then also to “satelite view” to see parks and other features not obvious in the other viewing modes.

Then look at the public transport sites for each city, and, to get an idea of your options from those locations.


Train between Stockholm and Copenhagen just under six hours.

Flights are short but by the time you get to and from airports, security, and the rest of it, it will be hardly any quicker. So look for the comfort difference, and there the high-speed train wins every time.

More at


RE: Help Needed Planning trip to Coppenhagen and Stockholm

by twint31 »

Thank you for taking the time to share your wealth of information.   The apartment sounds great, but we will not be spending a week in each place.  But perhaps one can still rent for less time?  I will check out the site though.  Thanks again!