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Norway Layover Help

by loloi2 »

Hi, it looks like I will have about a 9 hour layover at the airport in Norway on December 30.  Can anyone tell me if there is anything for me to do during that 8 hours? 

Thanks in advance!! 


RE: Norway Layover Help

by mquartz »

Ah - I'm happy to relate what I just did with a 7 hr layover: The 212 Vigeland statues in Frogner Park. Stunning!

Take the train into the city, to Oslo S (S = Sentral, Norwegian for Central, the main station in Oslo). The trains leave from one side of the airport, in the arrival hall just ask anyone, it's close but not highly visible - around a corner and down some stairs, that's all.

Now there's an odd wrinkle: Two trains take you there, from adjacent platforms. One is a private company, flytoget, that goes to Oslo S and one other stop only. It costs DOUBLE of what the other train costs, that of the Norwegian State Railways called NSB - the NSB trains go all over Norway, so if the target is listed as something other than Oslo S, look for a smaller print underneath saying Oslo S as an intermediate station. No worries, lots of people standing around will point you if you're totally jetlagged. The flytoget is maybe three minutes faster than the NSB (which stops once or twice on the way in) - both are very nice trains.

I forgot where I bought the ticket - I asked and somebody pointed it out and I went for it. Everybody seems to speak excellent English. A conductor on the train comes by, I'm not sure if you could just buy the ticket from him/her - better to have it in your pocket, also for the return to the airport of course.

When you get into Oslo S, ask for the old train station - the modern new one adjoins the old one where there are now restaurants and shops (it's a beautiful building) and at the far end from the stairs that take you down into it you'll find the visitor center, on the far right.

As you exit, you'll be on the vast square in front of the old station, and there is a sizable statue of a tiger lumbering across - very whimsical, makes for a good photograph!

Straight ahead, slighly to the right, is a low-slung brick building with a kind of a turret on top, that's where you go in, take a number from the touchscreen apparatus by the door, and wait your turn to talk to an attendant and buy your tram tickets. Your tram does not leave from right outside that ticket office.

You walk sllghtly to your right until, looking left across the broad street, you see the cathedral. Head for it, and turn right into Storgate street that comes towards the cathedral. The tram stop is just there, on the side heading towards the cathedral - well signed with an electronic board, trams come every ten minutes. Take tram nr. 12, inside tap your ticket agains a validating gizmo across from the doors, and in about 18 minutes get off at Frogner Plass.

Cross over, enter the park, keep walking (a white distant building on your left hides the toilets), and soon you'll see the beginning of the long concourse with the statues. You'll also see lots of tourists - it is a hugely popular spot!

I was in no rush with my seven hours, I managed to have a nice long lunch back at the train station. You'll manage to do even more if you so choose. Enjoy!