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Forums » Scandinavia » Please help with Norway itinerary


Please help with Norway itinerary

by /bio/kumars3 »

Hello all,


We are family of 6 (4 adults + 2 young kids) and going to Norway this August for 16 days road trip across western fjords.  With kids, I am trying to minimize driving more than 4-5 hours daily. Will be using car ferry for fjord crossings along the route. 


Would really appreciate if experts on this forum could give some suggestions / guidance on the plan below:


Day 1: Arrive in Oslo, pick up rental and stay close to airport

Day 2: Drive to Lom and spend the night there 

Day 3: Drive to Solvorn via Leirvassbu  and scenic Sognefjell road. Spend the night around Solvorn 

Days 4-6: After visiting Urns stave church and surrounding small towns, drive to Flam via Aurlandsvegan “Snow Road”. Spend 3 nights in/around Flam (doing scenic cruise , visiting villages/farms etc)

Day 7-8: Drive to Bergen via Stalheimskleiva drive . Visit waterfalls on the way . Spend 2 nights in Bergen 

Day 9: Drive to Balestrand via route 13. Visit Hopperstad stave church . Spend the night around Balestrand 

Day 10: Drive to Loen via Fjaerland (booktown). Spend the night around Loen 

Day 11-12: Drive to Geiranger  via Jostedalsbreen national park , route 258 (Gamle Strynefjellsveg), Dalsnibba & Flydalsjuvet viewpoints, Spend 2 nights around  Geiranger and visit nearby attractions like “Eagle Way” and Trollstigen , if possible 

Day 13-14: Drive to Alesund via Geiranger-Helleylt ferry, Leknes-Standal ferry & E39 ferry . Spend 2 nights in Alesund 

Day 15: Drive the “atlantic ocean road” and thereafter spend the night in Molde 

Day 16: Dive to Lillehammer and spend the night there 

Day 17: Drive to Oslo airport for return flight 


Few alternatives I was contemplating :


1.  Is it worth spending a night around Hjørundfjord ? If yes then may be on Day 13th night will spend there (either Urke or Saebo). Then would have only 1 night for Alesund the next day 


2. Is it worth driving to Leirvassbu  and scenic Sognefjell road? Or should I skip it and straight drive to Flam from Oslo


3. Lastly, how strong a recommendation would be to drive down to Hardangerfjord and spend a night in Lofthus or Ulvik, before continuing to Bergen from Flam . But then I may only have 1 night in Bergen , unless I skip something as well


Thanks a lot for all the help guys! I understand this is too much information to digest but thought to give as much details as possible for better guidance.