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Forums » Scandinavia » Stockholm in September


Stockholm in September

by /bio/cajunlady »

A friend and I are going to Scandinavia this September, combinbing 2 group tours. The 1st ends in Oslo on the13th. We plan to take the train to Stockholm for 2 nights before catching the overnight ferry (leaving at 16:45) to Helsinki to pick up the 2nd tour.

We'll have already had a day tour of Stockholm seeing the Royal Palace, Riddarholm Church, City Hall, Vasa Museum, Storkyrkan Cathedral and the medieval Old Town. Suggestions of what else to see for our 2 1/2 days? Is Skansen worth seeing? I've read mixed reviews of it.

Suggestions for mid-range hotel?  Or at least what area we should look in? 

What is the easiest way to get from the train station and then to the ferry terminal (Tallink)?

Appreciate any advice you can give.



RE: Stockholm in September

by /bio/mquartz »

Don't leave Oslo without seeing the


RE: Stockholm in September

by /bio/san-diego »

The rail station is right in the centre of Stockholm and most hotels should be easy to reach. Hotels are not cheap in Sweden . There are a couple of Radisson Blu hotels, a central Clarion or the Sheraton, all of which should do nicely. 

I enjoyed Skansen for a couple of hours, it is on the hop on hop off sightseeing tours so if you don't like the look of it, stay on the bus. If the weather is fine, boat trips either around the area on out into the archipeligo to islands such as Waxholm are enjoyable, as is the Changing of the Guard in the Palace on Gamla Stan, which you can easily spend half a day wandering around.

There is a transfer bus to the ship terminal for 60 Kroner, the metro at 500m from the terminal is probably too far with bags. Full details of how to get to the terminal are on the ferry website. The sailing through the islands and even the entry to Helsinki Harbour are spectacular so if the weather is good make sure you are on deck!



RE: Stockholm in September

by /bio/arianda »

I also was in Stockholm this September in business. Nice city and so many emotions! Scandinavia is really wonderful on my opinion. I was being there during two weeks. I even hadn't time for cleaning my apartment, thanks this company I was free from housework. When I cameback home I've employed a maid first of all. Sweden helped me to understand that life is given for getting emotions.