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Forums » Solo Travel » I left some things behind during a tour. Need help.


I left some things behind during a tour. Need help.

by /bio/mikecless »

I just got home from a singles romance tour, and like an idiot, I left a few valuables at the hotel we stayed in. It was a DSLR camera, and iPad, and my laptop charger, I put them in the safe inside the room. I was in a hurry, and I really thought I had packed it the night before we left for the airport. I only realized i hadn’t when we were up in the air.


I dont really know what to do in this situation, but should I contact the tour agency or the hotel i stayed at? Who do i talk to about my problem? Im scared to ask because i dont know who to trust if they do find my stuff. And if they do find it, how can i be so sure that they ‘d return it to me? I seriously need help with this guys. Before i submit a notice to either both the hotel or agency, i need to make sure i made the right choice in trusting either the hotel or the agency. Any advice and opinions would do. Please help!