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Forums » South Africa » Where do I start, Johannesburg or Cape Town?


Where do I start, Johannesburg or Cape Town?

by /bio/deborahd »

My husband and I and our neighbours would like to go on a Safari to Krugar National Park and also do a wine tour in Cape Town.  The information on the net is so overwhelming I honestly don't know where to begin.  Do we fly to Johannesburg or Cape Town first, it seems to depend on the camps you want to go to but is there preferable camps to others?  I don't have a budget  figured out just yet, I do I know of people who have paid extremely large amounts of money to go through  safari companies that were in their own country.  We have travelled extensively and I usually do all the planning and booking on my own with information and suggestions from Frommers and other websites but this trip I am feeling a little overwhelmed. I like to book local guides when we are in a new country, any suggestions to get me started would be appreciated.  We don't want to spend our life savings  to have a fabulous vacation. 


RE: Where do I start, Johannesburg or Cape Town?

by /bio/mattdson40 »

hey, most international flights head to Joburg in any case. But can image it must be very overwhelming, especially with so much information at your disposal. But there is a south African web app, the servers as a pretty awesome guide. I recommend having a look at it Vibescout