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Beaufort, SC's Gullah Festival and more...

by /bio/caroline »

If you want beauty, serenity and charm, then Beaufort, SC (pronounced Bu-fort and not to be confused with Beaufort, NC, pronounced Bowfort,  which is spelled the same but pronounced differently and you'll be challenged on that immediately in either town)  is your town.   It's not huge, but it's just about 'right'.  It's about as far south in South Carolina as you can get without being in Georgia.   And it so southern (thankfully there are pockets like this left) with all the politeness and respect that you think of and saw in the old movies like 'Gone with the Wind'.  If the palm trees are swaying in the breeze, a little Spanish Moss is found here and there and a nice assortment of large boats are at the dock then you've found the right place.  

When most people think of Gullah, they think of Charleston, but the original Gullah Festival was said to have been held in Beaufort, SC.  This year the Gullah Festival in Beaufort will be held Friday, May 24 through Sunday May 26, 2013. Because of the growth of the festival, this year's events will be held at historical sites in the historic district with the main festival activities being held at the northern end of the Beaufort Waterfront Park.

Beaufort is a town you'll immediately fall in love with and has been the setting for many movies.   So if you're the 'Hollywood type' they are accustomed to that and if you're looking for other things to do in Beaufort, you might want to check out this list.  It's not far from Charleston to Beaufort (about 75 miles or just over an hour's drive), so if you're going to be in the Charleston area, this is a good add on.

Ask anyone in Beaufort and you may also hear that Candice Glover, the 2013 American Idol winner is from Beaufort.  However, Candice says she's from Saint Helena Island so I'll let them figure that out.   My understanding is that she was in fact, born in Beaufort on November 22, 1989 and graduated from Beaufort High School in 2008.  She now lives on St. Helena Island, South Carolina which isn't far enough to fight over and is still in Beaufort County.  In reality it's about a 15 minute drive or so.