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Forums » Spain & Andorra » 8 days in Andalusia! Help with itinerary!


8 days in Andalusia! Help with itinerary!

by /bio/marls90 »

Hi all,

Its my boyfriend and my first time to Spain in September. We have 8 full days (10 total with flights) and are looking to try some great food & experience the culture. We both prefer rustic and cobblestone type streets over huge busy cities.

I think I have an itinerary in mind, but the train routes are a bit confusing to me and I want to know the quickest route/order to go to these cities.

We are flying in and out of Madrid (due to the cheapest tickets)

Cities Im interested in seeing - Seville, Cordoba, Granada (a must), Malaga, Ronda, a little in Madrid. - I know we dont have time for all of these so I need help widdling down. Is Seville worth it if we see Granada and Cordoba? What about Malaga? (my boyfriend wants to see a spanish beach, but is it worth it?)

Im thinking:

Arrive in Madrid 10pm Thursday - stay night in Madrid

Friday - train to Seville - stay night in Seville

Saturday - Day trip to Cordoba - staying in Seville

Sunday - Train to Granada - stay in Granada

Monday - Granada

Tuesday - Train to Malaga - stay night in Malaga

Wednesday - Malaga

Thursday - Train or domestic flight back to Madrid- stay in Madrid

Friday - Madrid

Saturday - flight from Madrid back home



RE: 8 days in Andalusia! Help with itinerary!

by /bio/ktr_schlz »


Your itinerary looks reasonable and quite logical. I would definitely recommend a day trip to Ronda if you have time. Since you will be in Malaga, Costa del Sol (the Spanish beach) is right there, so you don't have to compromise anything to see the beach. For traveling back Malaga - Madrid, a flight is a better option.


RE: 8 days in Andalusia! Help with itinerary!

by /bio/ktr_schlz »

Oh missed one thing, there is no train between Granada and Malaga, so take a bus, it takes about 2 hours to get there.


RE: 8 days in Andalusia! Help with itinerary!

by /bio/whatsallthis »

I would agree with a day trip to Ronda - it was very different and one of my favorite places. The Alcazaba in Malaga is really cool. I enjoyed seeing the beach there, but it was my very first glimpse of the Mediterranean, so if you've seen it elsewhere it might not be as special. 

You don't have much time for Seville itself. But that's the way of the 1 week vacation; no way to fit it all in!


RE: 8 days in Andalusia! Help with itinerary!

by /bio/dive »

I realize that you would probably already been on your 8 day break in Spain by now according to your message, but for others benefit in reply to the question "is Malaga worth it & what about the beaches"..there are some incredible beaches to the West of Malaga airport such as Benalmadana and some very photogenic ones east of Malaga, such as Velez Malaga. Also there is a little hidden gem called Maro and even in Summer you will think that you have the area to yourself. This pretty little place reminded us of a little town in Mexico that we saw from a film called Romancing the Stone. Also, I found an article about trying out the beautiful lake instead of the beach El Chorro. We visited this at the end of August with the family and after reading some information about it we decided to take a small dingy for the kids. I think we enjoyed more than they did. 8 hours later we were still on that pretty little green lake paddling. I would go again if given half the chance. This is where I read about the El Chorro Lake.  I have just realized it doesn't give you the gps location in the article but if you google El Chorro it will come up. Let me know if you have any tips from your 8 day tour in Spain as we will do a little family tour in mainland Spain after our family holiday to Mallorca.