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Andalucia Trip

by spainlover1974 »


We are in the early stages of planning a trip for next summer to Andalucia.  We plan on 15 days, which doesn't include two travel days.  We will not be back to Spain anytime soon and would like to do as much as we can, within reason, which we know varies from person to person. How does this look for an itinerary?  We know it will be hot; hoping the beach and seeking accommodations with pools will help with that!

Fly into Madrid from Boston, train to Cordoba, 2 nights Cordoba

Train to Sevilla, 4 nights Sevilla

Rent car in Sevilla, drive to Conil, 3 nights Conil (not totally sold on Conil, but from what we have seen online, it looks nice)

Drive to Grazelema via Zahara, 2 nights Grazalema 

Drive to Granada, drop off car, 3 nights Granada

Train to Madrid, one night Madrid, fly home next day (we know we really won't have time for much beyond dinner and a nice walk in Madrid, but we wanted the focus to be Andalucia, which we have fallen in love with in researching this trip).

Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions.  :)






RE: Andalucia Trip

by billiv »

Just based on our personal experiences in Spain: I think 3 nights in Sevilla would be plenty--depending on what time your train arrives on your first day there. If it arrives late in the day, then you might want 4 nights.

As long as you are going to be in Madrid anyway, I would add at least 1 day there even though it isn't in Andalucia. We enjoyed Madrid a lot.

Do you mean Conil de la Frontera?  We aren't touristy beach resort people, so I wouldn't put it on my top 500 places to visit in Spain, but if you like the beach, go for it. The beaches are supposed to be nice.



RE: Andalucia Trip

by jeremy9 »

Sounds great! Nice plan!

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