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Forums » Spain & Andorra » Festa de la Merce in Barcelona in September


Festa de la Merce in Barcelona in September

by CanadianJane »

Has anyone been in Barcelona during this festival around the 24th of September? It looks amazing but also a little daunting when you see how many people come to the city for this. I have read that is is possible to carry on and experience Barcelona and not be impacted by the festival but that seems a little difficult to believe. Having said that, I am thinking we would probably love the festival and that is would be an amazing experience to have. Thoughts?


RE: Festa de la Merce in Barcelona in September

by billiv »

Well, some experiences involve crowds--that is part of the experience.  We were in Spain a few years ago for Semana Santa in Sevilla and Granada, and the crowds, noise, and general commotion all added to that experience.  A festival with no crowds would be like going to a sporting event and being the only people in the stands--it would just not be as exciting for most of us.

Of course, some people don't like crowds no matter what, so it's a no-brainer for them--just don't go.  But, again, what would a festival be without crowds? Not very festive, I think.

Now the impact of the crowds on your ability to see the most popular sights in Barcelona is a separate issue.  I don't know how many people from out of town would be drawn to the festival.  The more of them there are, I guess the bigger the impact on the major tourist sights. On the other hand, if the festival attracts mostly locals, then it shouldn't be much of an issue.

We're going to Venice in early September, and specifically picked the the weekend of the big Regatta Storica so we can experience the celebration, including the crowds.  Others avoid such events like the plague.