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Forums » Spain & Andorra » First visit tips for Barcelona and beach


First visit tips for Barcelona and beach

by /bio/danfang »


1. I have an upcoming first trip to Barcelona.   We have only 4 days.  There are so many sites and packages for buying tickets and tours.  Besides La Sagrada Familia and Park Guell, are there other "don't miss" sites that we should ticket in advance?  Are those two good to see in the same day?  Not really looking for a tour guide.

2. I have another 4 days for a beach vacation in the same area.  Possibliities are: San Sebastion, Mallorca, going north up the coast or ?.  We are not big on nightlife, but rather have calm, beautiful swimming opportunities in lovely surroundings.  If we do go to Mallorca, are there specific neighborhoods or regions you'd most recommend?

Thanks so much!!



RE: First visit tips for Barcelona and beach

by /bio/lovet65 »