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Forums » Spain & Andorra » how to travel southern and western Spain


how to travel southern and western Spain

by twelveoaks »

We plan to visit Malaga, Granada, Seville and Cordoba buyt don't know if it would be best to rent a car and drive, take a bus or take a train. Any advice would be appreciated.




RE: how to travel southern and western Spain

by HarrisLyon »

Malaga, Seville, and Cordoba are tightly linked by train with many options per day. Granada is trickier--bus is often the best choice going from any of the other cities. Car rental will be a total hassle and mean you either have to stay on teh outskirts or pay heavily for parking. Public transit is so good that in this concentrated area, rail and bus make the most sense -- unless you have a large family.  


RE: how to travel southern and western Spain

by mquartz »

I agree with HarrisLyon - check out the cost of train tickets at, city-to-city buses at, and - before you book - inform yourself at where many good ins and outs are written up.

How many in your party?

Look up some quotes for rental cars (with the one-way drop-off fee) and compare to the number of train tickets your party will need. You'll soon see how the math works out. Add hefty gas and parking estimates to keep it real.

Granada is not on a main train line, it would make sense to begin your trip by flying into Malaga, then taking the bus to Granada (much quicker than taking the train to Antequera and switching to a bus from there). Book early online for the Alhambra - see

Then either take the bus to Antequera and the train to Cordoba, or - better - the Alsa bus all the way, for about 15 to 18 Euros per person, takes 2h40m, not much longer and certainly cheaper than the bus-train combo.

Cordoba-Seville is a breeze by train. Fly out of Seville.

Now if there's the four of you, and you wish to have some fun betwen those cities, then consider a car. Things like the drive up to Trevélez and other detours (Alcalá la Real, or the olive-oil center of Baena, etc.) could make that worthwhile.

Those are some of your options - check them out.


RE: how to travel southern and western Spain

by billiv »

I do agree with much of what has already been posted above.  Money is one consideration, but not the only one.  Depends on what you want to do while on your visit. 

Is time or money of more importance in your situation?  Do you want to explore between the big cities, or do you only want to see what is in those cities?  What is your freak out factor if you get lost and drive around in circles for a few minutes? Do you like to drive?  What season of the year is it/  Will you be frustrated looking out at something interesting or beautiful or intriguing racing by outside your train window when you think "Dang, if we had a car we could stop there"?

All sorts of factors.  We've done trips entirely by car; entirely by public transport; and a mix of the two.  It just depended on a bunch of considerations for that particular trip.