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Forums » Spain & Andorra » Retired and want to spend three months


Retired and want to spend three months

by Guatdoc »

How do I find info on a longer stay?  I want to rent an apartment in one place. Then use that as my base and do smaller 2 to 3 day trips by train around Spain .  I like the  is historical aspect and would like to ride horseback. How do I find out the aspects of actually living  in Spain.  On the budget of $1200 per month. What would your suggestion be? What kind of things do I need to plan for. I am an experienced traveler. Thanks for your help




RE: Retired and want to spend three months

by mquartz »

How long is "long"? Under the current regulations, if you live outside the "Schengen" area, you can stay inside the Schengen area for 90 days then you must leave for another 90 days. 90 in - 90 out. Unless you find some special way via a special visa to circumvent that general rule.


About lodgings: We have successfully used for apartment rentals, but never for more than two weeks at the most. I'm not saying you won't find a property for a longer time, and you may even find a much better rate than the regular rates if you book for longer, we just haven't done that.

Google the terms "expats spain" and read the wealth of information that comes up. Much of it is geared towards Brits, many (TONS!) of whom you see retiring to small towns in Spain.

If you don't already find something by way of these means, you can consider doing a short-term rental in a place where you really would like to stay longer, and while you're there in your short-term rental, ask around. But you'd have to be sure you want to stay in that place, or nearby. 

Good luck!