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Forums » St. Lucia, Barbados & Dominica » Best All Inclusive Resort in St. Lucia?


Best All Inclusive Resort in St. Lucia?

by /bio/riy11 »

I've been doing some research on the all inclusive resorts that they offer on island. There seems to be quite a few of them. This is my first vacation in quite a while, so I don't mind splurging. As far as what I'm looking for - kind of the best of both worls really. I want something where we can kick back and relax on the beach but then at the end of the day if we wanted to actually do something and be active, they had that option as well. I'm sure my wife would also like a spa package and somewhere that she can do yoga, and I prefer watersports myself. 

The big one is - no kids. I want to book an all inclusive adults only resort in St. Lucia and don't really want kids running around and playing in the pool while I'm trying to relax. I found a few

BodyHoliday -  - It's an all inclusive and has a ton of activities and 5 stars

Jade Mountain - - Infiinity pools in every room? Insane

Rendezvous - - An all inclusive couples resort which sounds really nice. 

Any thoughts on these hotels - Reviews on TripAdvisor are good for all of them