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Forums » St. Lucia, Barbados & Dominica » Do Not Visit Sugar Beach/Viceroy-a joke and a disgrace!!


Do Not Visit Sugar Beach/Viceroy-a joke and a disgrace!!

by /bio/melproffit ยป

Before I go on my rant, I know I could have skipped this beach if I had been aware prior, I will say the snorkeling was a bit above average, and the staff at the Viceroy restaurant were very personable and food good. That being said, this beach and it's "public access" are a joke and a disgrace to anyone who enjoys St. Lucia. For the government of this country to allow the Viceroy resort to limit visiting this beach by charging $50USD per person for a parking place inside the gate and a ride down/back is unconscionable. Yes you can park outside the gate (if space available and you can physically do it carrying anything you want to take to the beach) and the payment can be used as a credit at the restaurant (where for our 2 person lunch we had to spend an additional $75USD to make a meal!!!) but it is contemptible to have to pay this money AND be limited to a small crescent of stony "beach" with a small number of plastic loungers (many less than the number of people and sand beach is only for hotel guests to really enjoy). along with any number of snorkelers off-loaded by the day boats who did not have to pay this fee but crowd up the small designated snorkel area.

all the while trying to ignore the locals making/selling drinks and attempting to sell you marijuana!!! The drinks are made with a noisy gas powered generator running the blender!! my wife had to try one after snorkeling and god knows what kind of "rum" was in this thing-tasted like homemade moonshine. could not even finish it. please, anyone who reads this and has any say within the government or Viceroy management, get this situation changed! the most famous location in the country is being pulled down internationally by the operators of this resort. NO ONE should visit this beach until the situation is rectified! In no way should this be condoned by continuing to pay this fee.