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Forums » St. Lucia, Barbados & Dominica » Lots of questions about St. Lucia


Lots of questions about St. Lucia

by sarahv »


I've been to many of the Caribbean islands but have always wanted to go to St. Lucia, even 20 years ago when no one was really going there. Today every game show gives away a trip to St. Lucia. I haven't been to the island in over 20 years and wondered how you would research the best value trip including air and hotel (maybe all-inclusive). In the past I either bought a package deal from GoGo Tours or an agency such as Liberty Travel. Sometimes I purchased them separately.

1) I do have a lot of AAdvantage or Delta air miles which I could use if I can find availability for July (I know it's very late to be checking now) and then purchase a hotel/resort package. If I go this route, where would you find the best value: from a travel agency or a website such as, or can you recommend another hotel website for the Caribbean?

2) If it is too late to get availability to use my air miles in July, where would you purchase an air/hotel package from? A travel agency, cheapcaribbean or would you recommend another website?

I'll be traveling with my mother who is in her 80s so we are not looking for anything too strenuous such as ziplining or watersports. We would like to spend part of the day at the beach/pool or on the property and then venture out of the property to take a tour of the island, visit Castries for lunch and shopping, visit restaurant/shopping districts, visit famous tourist landmarks such as the Pitons, Soufriere, etc. and visit some of the super luxury properties for lunch and to see how the other half lives, etc.

 I'm familiar with the iconic La Toc, where your can see the Pitons from your balcony, Anse Chastanet, Sandals (but no Beaches), Windjammer Landing (where the Food Network cook Paula Deen filmed her family travel special) , Smuggler's Cove Resort and Spa and Almond Resorts. St Lucia is such a mountainous island and I understand it takes a lot of time to travel around.

3) Are there any hotels/resorts that you think would be a good fit considering my mother's age, what we want to do in St. Lucia and still be close enough to the restaurant and shopping areas.



RE: Lots of questions about St. Lucia

by /bio/lojoblais »

I've only spent the day there as a cruise stop, twice now, but I would love to go back.  Beautiful island.  If you do go, take a trip to the mud baths, you will love it!