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Vacation in Caribbean

by /bio/emy01 »

Hello! I hope somebody could give a good advice here. I am planning a vacation with my friends to Barbados. We are planning it for March next year. We are planning to reserve a week long stay at a resort named The Crane. At first we thought we will reach there by flight, stay there for a week, then could board a cruise ship and reach another island, from where we could board a flight back to Canada. But I could find only one cruise ship, by Carnival cruises that starts their cruise from Barbados. It is a round trip, which ends in barbados itself. Anyone here is aware about any other cruise lines that provides a one way route? It would be great if someone could help me with this. Thanks!  


RE: Vacation in Caribbean

by /bio/billiv »

I searched "cruises originating in barbados" and a bunch of websites popped up with dozens of cruises originating in Barbados--some round trips and some ending up in other places.  Here's just one of many such web sites 

I don't know how good this web site is, but there's a bunch out there.