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Forums » Switzerland » 2 days trip - Zurich or Interlaken?


2 days trip - Zurich or Interlaken?

by /bio/qudsia »

On short notice, I will have 2.5 days in switzerland before I need to take a flight out of Zurich. Now to make the most of nature (not intrested in shopping), is it better to be set up in interlaken or zurich as a base and what is sensible to see and do around town? so my questions are below: 

1) is it better to take a hotel in zurich or interlakken to make the most of 2.5 days?

2) what is the most feasible and sensible sightseeing location (jungfrau, titlis, rigi or pilatus)?

3) how should I find a group to get into a tour rather than doing everything alone?





RE: 2 days trip - Zurich or Interlaken?

by /bio/billiv »

While Zurich isn't generally one of the main tourist destinations in the Alpine countries, we did have an enjoyable 1.5 days there.  The lake and the activites and sights along the lake are nice; interesting museums; nice restaurants, some good walking tours. 

We were walking by the Limmat on Schipfe when we came across a boating club of some sort having a big outdoor B-B-Q party fund raiser--we were just watching for a few seconds when people (obviously beers were being served) waved at us to come on in.  So we did and had a really nice meal with very nice people for 7 Swiss francs each (beers extra).

But, if you are mainly interested in nature, then the center of Zurich is obviously not where you want to spend your time.  Public transport options to all parts of the country are good out of Zurich, but if you really want nature, then maybe another location would suit you better.