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Forums » Switzerland » Advice on 4-6 days with Lauterbrunnen and/or Lucerne as base, before heading into Italy


Advice on 4-6 days with Lauterbrunnen and/or Lucerne as base, before heading into Italy

by sbrosnan813 »

Looking to start out our 2.5/3 week Switzerland/Italy trip with 4-6 days in Switzerland. We would arrive in Italy in the last few days of June (figure around June 27). From Switzerland, our  next main destination would be Levanto, Italy (right by Cinque Terre). Obviously, no matter where we stay in Switzerland, we would probably have an overnight stay while we travel from Switzerland into Italy (because otherwise, it could be like 8-10 hours of travelling and we would be miserable lol).  Although we aren't avid hikers, we definitely want to be outside and see beautiful scenery and just enjoy the majesty of our surroundings. That being said, we also would want to spend some time in cute smaller towns. These are two itineraries are the options that we were thinking of:

Option 1 : (this prioritizes Lauterbrunnen falls, Lucerne, and Bernina express but wasn't sure if this would be too rushed of an Itinerary and if it leaves too much up to chance in terms of hopefully having good weather on the the Bernina Express ride-although the BE just seems like everything I would want to see)

Arrive in Zurich in AM, head right to Lauterbrunnen

Lauterbrunnen- 3 nights (do the Falls, enjoy the area, do day trip to Lucerne)

Chur- 1 night (just staying over to do Bernina express)

Travel to Either Tirano or Lugano via Bernina Express

Stay overnight in Lugano or Tirano and head to Levanto next day (If we stay in lugano, I might be able to make it 2 nights, but would have to figure out where to take it out of the Italy portion)


Option 2: (Spreads time in both lucerne and lauterbrunnen, but excludes Bernina express trip)

Arrive In Zurich in AM, head right to Lucerne

Lucerne- 3 nights (visit Mt. Rigi or Mt. Pilatus)

Lauterbrunnen- 3 nights ( go to the falls; would also do one or two of these walks while in Lauterbrunnen: )

1 travel day/night: Leave late morning from Lauterbrunnen for Milan; Stay overnight in Milan; Leave on 8 am train to arrive in Levanto by 11am



Other option is just staying in either Lucerne or Lauterbrunnen for 4 or 5 days (if we stay in Lucerne, we'd daytrip to Lauterbrunnen and vice versa). I know Lauterbrunnen is closer to where we would be going in Italy, but if I'm including an overnight stay while traveling into Italy anyway, I'm guessing it doesn't matter whether we'd be leaving from Lauterbrunnen or Lucerne.

So with all of this in mind, any ideas on which itinerary might be the best?



RE: Advice on 4-6 days with Lauterbrunnen and/or Lucerne as base, before heading into Italy

by mquartz »

Rather than making a trip to Luzern and back into the Berner Oberland, I would have you look at Luzern as a stopover on your relocation to Chur.

Pick one of the many trains that go from Interlaken Ost (the first hub as you come down from the mountains around Lauterbrunnen) to Luzern via Brünig-Hasliberg, it is by far the more scenic route than via Bern (unless you wish to spend a half-day in Bern, not a bad idea by itself, but then you wouldn't also do Luzern the same day).

For example, you can leave Lauterbrunnen at 08:33, change in Interlaken Ost to the 09:04 departure that gets you to Luzern at 10:55.

You can then pick one of the late-afternoon trains, like 17:35 (arr. Chur 19:43) or 18:35 (20:43) or 19:35 (21:43) since all you'll do in Chur is go to sleep...