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Forums » Switzerland » One week in Switzerland


One week in Switzerland

by /bio/crlutes »

We recently read the article about a week in Switzerland.  Can one get around in Switzerland speaking MOSTLY English?  We would like to follow this itinerary but my wife is concerned about our lack of French/German and wonders if a guided tour would be better for us.




RE: One week in Switzerland

by /bio/mquartz »

Most everybody that you come into contact with as a visitor will know enough English. Announcements in major train stations are in German, French, and English. English-speakers have a long history of flooding Switzerland as tourists, you won't be alone...

If there is someone who can't answer you in English, for example in a shop that caters to locals, a person overhearing you will jump in and help out - that's how it goes, don't worry. Young people expecially take to English like ducks take to water.