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Forums » Switzerland » Suggestions for Zurich, Lucerne, Geneva


Suggestions for Zurich, Lucerne, Geneva

by /bio/nyc87 »

My adult daughter and I are planning a week in Switznerland in July. We enjoy history, and while we like scenery, we did not want to stay in a mountain town.  I have booked two nites in Zurich, three in Lucerne and three in Geneva. (I am meeting a friend in Geneva and going on to a week in the French Alps.) I would appreciate some advice on how to best use our days in Switzerland.

I am interested in Jewish history so I am considering visiting Endingen and Lengnau from Zurich.  I think this would take the better part of a day. I also thought about doing a day trip to Mt. Riga from Lucerne and visiting Chillon from Geneva. Of course we would do some kind of city tour in each of the places.