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Forums » Switzerland » Viking Port to Train Station


Viking Port to Train Station

by /bio/bevd16 »

We will be getting off the Viking ship in Basel Switzerland and then need to get to the train station.  What is the best way to get there and is it far.

Also we will then need to get to interlaken from the train station if anyone can help with how we do this.  Is there numberous trains going there through out the day.


Appreciate any help with this.


RE: Viking Port to Train Station

by /bio/mquartz »

Many trains from Basel to Interlaken.

Interlaken has two stations - West and Ost (=East), only 5 minutes apart. Know which one is closer to your hotel.

Interlaken is not on the main line that goes from Basel all the way through the alps down to Italy. Interlaken is on a side-spur of that line. Look at a map and you'll see what I mean - the fast trains for Italy head due south from Spiez.

Some trains will go all the way from Basel to Interlaken, many others will require you to make a switch in Spiez, only about 20 minutes before Interlaken. This is quick and easy, so don't let it worry you - you get off and the other train is waiting on the next track over. You'll use the same ticket for both legs.

It is all at

What is the address of the Viking landing point? I'm sure there is public transport, but if the Viking website doesn't say so, then this one might: