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Forums » Tahiti & French Polynesia » Fiji, Mauritius, or Moorea?


Fiji, Mauritius, or Moorea?

by /bio/br125 »

Fiji vs Mauritius, or Moorea?  5/7/18   Fiji vs Mauritius, or Moorea? Have not decided?

Please advise me if anyone in Fodors has any suggestions for September or October travel for 1 adult trying to decide where to travel with the choices being Fiji, Mauritus, and Moorea? Might want to travel to Australia, if i can fit into a budget? 
Traveling from the west coast (CA) USA

Islands I have traveled in the past: Mahe, Seychelles, and Hawaii (Maui and Oahu)

What I like to do:

Art, dirt cart, culture, cuisine, hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, wildlife, and relax

September or October

Affordable hotel or bure/hut?
(When giving advice, keep in mind, I might also be traveling to another destination as well?)

5 nights, 1000-1500 USD total, for 1 adult, includes food and optionals? Does Not include RT airfare
under $150 night includes pool, and meals, option to to buy food, snacks and water at store?
-Not interested in paying $25 US Dollars for each meal!
-Not interested in hanging out with a bunch of tourists, more interested in the culture i'm visiting, not tourism!
-Water treated on these islands safe to drink water
-Safety issues?
-Humidity, low, medium, or high? (Sept or October)
-Able to buy food at store, or only can purchase all inclusive with Hotel or Bure?
-Cautions for not getting sunburned, happened only once!

Thank you,