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Advice for first timers

by GJLeo »

This all began with our love of Thai food!  My wife and I would like to go to Thailand, and I haven't got a clue as to what we really want to see...just lead us to the food!  Generally speaking, we are not sunbathers due to fair skin, but we do love beautiful beaches and the tropical settings.  We love to visit historical sites.  We love to see the country side and to be, to as great of a degree that we can, with the people.  While in Greece, we loved the grittiness of Athens, twice extending our stay there just to smell the fumes, so to speak.  I can imagine we would love Bangkok for the same reasons. 

So,  to begin with lets think 14 days in the country.  What is an approximate food budget per meal, hotel budget, best way to get around through the country.  What is north, what is south, and .... I would appreciate very much any feedback you can give me!  Such feedback will lead to more questions.




RE: Advice for first timers

by salan1982 »



There are more than 20 tourist activities arranged throughout June and July Thailand.  to create a flow of Thailand festival experience by grouping traditions and activities into four forms to please the tourists; Food & Music Festival ,Cultural & Art Festival ,Creative Event & Festival , and.Recreation & Spot Event.

The events start from 1st June. Flower lovers would enjoy visiting the Festival of Beautiful Siam Tulip to be held on 1st June – 31st August, 2017, at Pa Hin Ngam National Park, Thep Sathit District and Sai Thong National Park, Chaiyaphum Province. This will be followed by the great tradition of Samut Sakhon City God Parade of 2017 to be held on 1st – 5th June, 2017, at the dam of Samut Sakhon City God Shrine. The sport lovers will be pleased with the activities of the Laguna Phuket International Marathon to be held on 3rd – 4th June, 2017, at Bang Tao Beach Laguna, Phuket Province. The music lovers will be pleased with the activities of Khanom Festival to be held on 3rd June, 2017, at sandy beach, Khanom District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. Follow by the activities to please the shopping lovers in the event of Amazing Thailand Grand Sale to be held on 15th June – 15th August, 2017 at the department stores, hotels, restaurants, and tourist places that attended the activities nationwide. For the health lovers, they will be pleased with the activities of Lan Saka Marathon (13th) to be held on 18th June, 2017, at the front of Lan Saka District Office, Lan Saka District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, and Run Through the Sea towards Pitak Island to be held on 21st June, 2017, in front of the replica of HTMS Chakri Nareubet Pak Nam Lang Suan Sub-district, Lang Suan District, Chumphon Province. The fruit lovers should not miss the Rambutan – Durian Festival and Sisaket special products to be held on 16th – 25th June, 2017, at Sisaket College of Agriculture and Technology, Mueang District, Sisaket Province. End the activities in June with very exclusive event of Great Merit Tradition and Phi Ta Khon Festival, Dan Sai District, to be held on 24th – 26th June, 2017, at Phon Chai Temple and in front of Dan Sai District Office, Loei Province.

The activities in July start with the activities to please the coffee lovers with the Kaeng Song Coffee Sipping and Khek River Rafting Festival to be held on 1st July – 31st October, 2017, at the Khek River next to the Highway No. 12 Phitsanulok – Lomsak (45-53Km Marker) from Ban Sapphraiwan to Kaeng Song Waterfall, Wangthong District, Phitsanulok Province. This is followed by the tradition of candle parade which is very great and beautiful held in the provinces in Thailand. Tradition of Korat candle parade will be held on 7th – 10th July, 2017, at the Thao Suranaree Monument, Muang District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province and the Festival of candle parade and offering of food to monks on the elephant’s back, Surin Province to be held on 7th – 8th July, 2017, in front of Surin District Office and Phraya Surinphakdee Monument. The event of candle parade on the river at Lat Chado market will be held on 8th July, 2017, at Lat Chado market, Phak Hai District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province. The candle festival, Ubon Ratchatheni Province, will be held on 8th – 9th July, 2017, on Upparat Road (in front of Si Ubon Rattanaram Temple) on the road around Thung Si Muang, Ubon Ratchatheni Province. This includes the tradition of flower offering to monks and offering the royal candles to be held on 8th – 10th July, 2017, at Phra Bhuddhabaht Ratchaworamahawihan Temple, Phraputthabath District, Saraburi Province. There are also the activities to celebrate establishment of Mueang Ranong to be held on 21st July, 2017, at Ranong Municipality, Mueang District, Ranong Province. End the month with the activities of Pattaya Marathon Competition to be held on 16th July, 2017, Beach Road, Pattaya, Chonburi Province.  Visit