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Forums » Thailand » Can I use my health insurance overseas?


Can I use my health insurance overseas?

by /bio/askingman45 »

I’ll be travelling soon and I want to make sure that I have everything ready including my emergency plans. I have a health insurance that I pay religiously every month. I don’t know though if I can use this abroad. I’ll be visiting Thailand for leisure and probably meet some Thai ladies too. But before I could enjoy my trip, I still want to ensure that I can count on my insurance in case I get into an accident or get sick while in Thailand. Does anyone have any idea about this? Has anyone tried using their health insurance overseas? 


RE: Can I use my health insurance overseas?

by /bio/kmkocharhook »

US medical insurance is generally not accepted outside the US.  You may have coverage with a company that allows it but that would be unusual. If you need medical care in a foreign country, the first thing they ask for is what type of insurance you have.  If they don't accept it, they will often require that you pay in advance for care.

The best thing to do is check with your medical insurance provider and ask the question.  In the unlikey event that you are covered, what is the protection and how do you access it if necessary.  You would also want to know how much protection you have and if there are limitations for use outside the US.

Something to keep in mind, however are associated costs of an illness or injury - hospitaliation, emergency transportation and return to the US should that be necessary.  A good comprehensive travel insurance policy properly purchased will provide a good deal of protection but it is important that travelers understand the terms of any policy they secure.