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Going backpacking in Thailand

by /bio/imyoung62 »

I’m going to Thailand this summer for a backpacking trip. I want to explore new things and new places. I just had my early retirement and I want to spend spend some of it on travelling. I need tips about backpacking in the city. Can anyone suggest an estimated budget guide? I would appreciate recommendations for the itinerary too.


A friend of mine who joined an Asian matchmaking tour gave me some ideas where to go. I would appreciate it if you could give me more. Do you know which restaurants I should visit too? I’m still finalizing my plans so all ideas are welcome. Thanks again you guys. Your comments will really help me.


RE: Going backpacking in Thailand

by /bio/nogueira »


Thailand is quite cheap, especially for backpackers. I visited Bangkok, Koh Phi Phi, and Koh Samui, being Samui the most expensive island. In general, I spend around USD 6 per night in hostels but you can get really good midrange hotels for USD 20. For food, I spent less than USD 5,00 (sometimes only USD 1,00) and even with transportation I didn's spent much. In total, costs were USD 500 including all flights and transportation for 15 days in Thailand. I have a complete post including all info about how much are the costs to Thailand.

Hope it helps