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Forums » Thailand » Looking for interesting boat trips in Phuket


Looking for interesting boat trips in Phuket

by Marianne33 »

Hello Community!

I am going to spend my next winter holidays in phuket and would love to know some speedboat sightseeing trips and clubs who offer them. I would love to have a look at some pictures of this trips and hoped someone could give me the one or other hint here in this forum. 

regards Marianne 


RE: Looking for interesting boat trips in Phuket

by mydh2019 »

Hey. I hope this is not late. How about you go for a cruise trip from Phuket and tick a few more destinations in the bucket list. From Phuket you can cruise to Penang, Langkawi, Port Klang in just 3 days. Cruises from Phuket range from 3-4 nights and are run by famous cruise line Star Cruises. Its luxurious cruise vessel Superstar Gemini is scheduled for 2019 sailings.