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Forums » Tibet » How safe is travel to Tibet right now?


How safe is travel to Tibet right now?

by organized_traveler »

Wondering if anyone has been there in the past 6 months and if so, how conditions were?

We've always wanted to see Tibet but if it's not safe for westerners right now, we'll probably go to Nepal or India.

Does anyone have any suggestions?



RE: How safe is travel to Tibet right now?

by ChinaDave2 »

Tibet is quite safe to travel these days.  There are ever changing rules however to getting a permit to visit in addition to a Chinese visa.   This past year it was required that only groups of 5 or more people from the same country were allowed in.  Less than 5 people were denied entry.  I am a tour operator for over 25 years to China and Tibet and my wife and her hiking buddy were denied a permit last year so they hiked Sichuan province which has many Tibetan people living there.   There are many Chinese military troops in Tibet to keep the Peace however during the month of March each year Tibet is closed to foreigners as March is a special Holiday in Tibet in which there has been some problems in the past.  Be sure you are in good health as the altitude does cause some problems with people who are not in good health.   You must be with a guide if you go outside of Lhasa and there are check points to go through on the roads.


RE: How safe is travel to Tibet right now?

by johnnydan »

It is pretty safe to travel to Tibet. No other danger will effect your Tibet Tour