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Forums » Tunisia » Is Tunisia open again to tourists?

gligouf small

Is Tunisia open again to tourists?

by gligouf small »

I've always wanted to go and from what I'm reading on the news, it seems like stability has been restored. Does anyone have information on whether the tourists have returned, hotels re-opened, etc? Thanks!


RE: Is Tunisia open again to tourists?

by /bio/darrenhumphrys »

Sallam 'lekum and hello Gilgouf Small,

Tunisia is ready and willing to welcome back travelers and tourists after the Jasmine Revolution in 2011. A new constitution has been accepted and Tunisians themselves, while still unhappy about certain aspects of the political reform process, seem genuinely enthusiastic about where the country is heading...many are proudly declaring their country the Arab world's first democracy.

In January of this year, Conde Naste Traveller called Tunisia the next big travel destination. As 'mainstream' tourism slowly begins to come back to Tunisia in any great number, I would think that now is the perfect time to visit the country.

Happy, and intrepid, travels to you.

Darren Humphrys