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Forums » Turkey » Balloon in Cappadocia during winter


Balloon in Cappadocia during winter

by /bio/nogueira »

Hello everybody! 

I just came back from Turkey. I had a layover there and decided to do a stopover. I went to Cappadocia since I had been to Istambul before and I loved it. Although it was winter and extremely cold, the place was less busy and still very nice. 

I was in doubt if it was worth it to do the balloon's flight even in the winter since it´s an expensive activity but I decided to give it a try and I didn´t regret! I was awesome and I could see snowy peaks during the flight. 

I wrote a post in my blog listing all advantages and disadvantages of the balloons in the winter, in case anyone is interested in more information: Balloon in Cappadocia during winter