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best trip sapanca tour in istanbul

by /bio/turkeytourizm ยป

There are a variety of tourist attractions in Turkey, including Spanga Lake, one of Spanja's most beautiful tourist attractions, with its natural waters and natural surroundings. The most important activities that can be done by Spanga to Lake Sabanja are the following: Free access to Spanga Lake at all times It offers the possibility to spend a long time by the lake where you can set up a picnic and prepare barbecue and enjoy it with your family and friends.
Through the Spanga trip you can see all kinds of birds that come to the lake, including what is rare to take pictures of the same as some birds friend to humans and she likes to eat fish, which is thrown by tourists as there are other animals in the lake.
Spanga Lake has a walkway inside, which gives you the opportunity to explore the lakes from the inside and take pictures as the lake is full of flowers that grow above the surface of the water.
Next to Spanga Lake is the historical Rustam Pasha Mosque, built by Minister Rustam, a historical and religious landmark in the city of Sabanja, exactly in the Sabanga lake. Access to it is available at all times and is always open.
Take a tour of the village of Natur Coy near Lake Spanga, which has many pets, rabbits and ducks and enjoy the freshwater village that descends from the highest mountains to the village.
Access to Spanga Lake is free and on weekdays from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm in the evening. Many 5-star luxury hotels are also available close to Sabanga Lake.
Getting to Sabanga is very simple and you can spend only one day on Spanga trip from Istanbul without needing more. There are also many hotels available, either by Lake Spanga or at the top of Mount Karate, which can be booked and spend several days in Spanga and Maashouki
The tourist places in Lake Spanga Many and most other tourist places to the city of Sabanja close to each other and do not exceed the distances between them more than one and a half kilometers, which provides a golden opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the journey of Spanga and Mahashoukh required.