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Forums » Turkey » Violation of Human Rights by Turkish Airlines


Violation of Human Rights by Turkish Airlines

by /bio/viacheslav ยป

I am a person with disability.

Turkish Airlines failed to deliver me to final destination! I bought a ticket for Turkish Airlines flight Guangzhou (CAN) - Dnepropetrovsk (DNK) to go directly to Dnepropetrovsk Hospital for urgent surgery. Flight: TK0073/TK0435 Date: 31.03.2016.

But instead DNK airport Turkish Airlines delivered me (at night time and on the wheelchair) to KBP airport which is 500 km far from my final destination!!! Please understand that in my situation of immobility and urgency of medical operation that was a total disaster for me.

Ticket Guangzhou - DNK No. 235-2230560940 (Ref. TK/U2832T) with confirmation of booking and payment, medical documents were submitted to Airline complaint.

I asked them to compensate me ticket price and my moral and physical damage as I am disabled person, who was late for operation and suffered from pain.

But instead of apologies and compensation, they tried to avoid responsibility multiple times, sending me wrong information, in violation of International Laws, IATA regulations, human rights and rights of persons with disabilities.

They refused to provide the reason of flight cancellation, giving false causes and information, though the real reason of flight cancellation was due to Turkish Airlines commercial relationship and misconceptions with Dnepropetrovsk airport. They treat this way simple people that cannot protect themselves.

I bought a ticket at Turkish Airlines and it is fair that Turkish Airlines must deliver me to final destination. THEIR OBLIGATIONS REMAIN UNFULFILLED!

I have no funds for lawyers or international courts, cannot go to Turkey to proceed with this case, and I am very limited in travel or any motion due to my musculoskeletal dysfunction disability. Please help me to restore justice and bring perpetrators to responsibility, I want to let people know of how Turkish Airlines treat their customers.