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Forums » Turks & Caicos » Solo travel to Turks and Caicos July 19 - Aug 2 - anyone else interested in meeting up?


Solo travel to Turks and Caicos July 19 - Aug 2 - anyone else interested in meeting up?

by /bio/samanthamarie »

Posting this to see if anyone else is traveling to Turks Caicos in July. My travel dates are the 19th thru the 2nd. Looking to meet up with anyone who might also be traveling alone (or not) to spend some time with sitting on the beach, walking on the beach, coffee, drinks or to have lunch with.  I am attached with children but am taking a much needed vacation on my own.  You could be female or male and btw ages of 45 - 55. Being active and young at heart are big pluses as I really enjoy being active and doing things like walking, hiking, biking, and tennis. I also enjoy just chilling and watching a sunset while having a glass of wine.  I will be staying at a resort on Grace Bay. Happy to forward a recent pic of myself.  My email address is: Grace Bay is one of my most favorite beaches.  Look fwd to hearing from you!