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Forums » Turks & Caicos » Wifi in Club Med


Wifi in Club Med

by podroznik »

Is there wifi available in Club Med in Turks and Caicos?


RE: Wifi in Club Med

by paweber »

In doing a cusory internet search the answer appears to be yes. If this is something that is critical to your vacation you might want to pick up the telephone, call the resort directly, and ask them about current status and pricing. I'm guessing it isn't going to be cheap.


RE: Wifi in Club Med

by cargo13 »

There is a group going to Club Med Turks & Caicos in 28 August and the travel agent ( has preferred pricing.  You can participate with the group---alot of sport activities---or do your own thing. 

Pauline Frommer

RE: Wifi in Club Med

by Pauline Frommer »

Generally Club Med supplies Wi=Fi at an extra cost. But if you befriend one of the GM's (and you didn't hear this from me). sometimes they'll give you the code.


RE: Wifi in Club Med

by TCRSusan »


If you can't pull off the code from the GM smiley, their package rates are below:

Unlimited phone calls & internet for only $69 USD

Compared to:

Unlimited Internet for 7 days = $50 USD

24 Hours Internet (continuous) = $15 USD

1 Hour Internet (stop and start) = $5 USD

They also have packages that include Phone and internet