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Forums » Ukraine & Moldova » Police and Tourists (for both Moldova and Ukraine)


Police and Tourists (for both Moldova and Ukraine)

by warlord »

  So my next Euro trip might be Ukraine and Moldova.  Probably just doing Kiev, Odessa and Chi?in?u.  From what I've been reading, it seems both these countries have a higher incidence of police corruption especially among tourists.  Usually being that they try and fine you for things you really didn't do wrong etc.  Guess they kind of focus on exploiting tourists when they can in both these countries.  The US website still has that mentioned for both nations as something to watch out for.

  So I would like to know if anyone ever experienced this or has it improved now?  I can handle the usual scam artists, thieves, etc in the nations I've visited, but would hate to now have to worry about the police doing the same thing on top of that...